Saturday, 28 February 2015

Last Call for WWI Photos

The centenary of the Anzacs landing at Gallipoli is near, and we are still looking for photos of the men listed on the Otautau War memorial for our display.

We've gotten a good response from the public so far and are very grateful as most of these men are not found in other sources such as the Auckland War Memorial database or newspapers.

Here is an updated list of photos that we still need. Serial numbers and where they were born are included for accurate identification.

Leonard Allen (27426) - an Australian who was living and working in Wairio when he enlisted for the war. He was killed in action 7 Jun 1917.

Joseph Beck Ayton (61169) - lived and worked in Aparima.

James Robert Ewen Beck (49323) - horse trainer in Winton; discharged with diabetes; died at Wairio.

William George Napier Brown (22226)

William James Butler (18958) - worked in Merrivale; killed in action 14 Jun 1917.

William Clark - no information on him.

Albert Ernest Dove (9/693) - an Australian who was working in Orawia when he enlisted; died of wounds in 1918, France.

Peter Ellis (41078) - from Wairio; killed in action at Passchendaele.

Albert Walter Findlater (47016) - blacksmith in Otautau; killed in action 1918.

Michael Henry Ford (9/816) - from Heddon Bush; discharged from war and died at Heddon Bush.

Robert Emmet Ford (18983) - blacksmith at Orawia; killed at Messines.

Sydney Ford (8/3900) - Otautau farmer; killed at Somme.

Oliver Daly Gavigan (48193) - Otautau farmer; died of wounds, 1918.

William Healey (11279) - labourer at Woodlaw; died of TB, 1918.

Peter Thomas Johnston (24/199) - from Avondale; killed at Passchendaele.

Francis Andrew Laidlaw (8/3938) - from Isla Bank; killed at the Somme, 1916.

James Duncan Laing (32862) - from Dipton; killed in action, 1918.

Arthur David Lindsay (45102) - Strathmore, Otautau, farmer; died of influenza, Invercargill, 1918.

Joseph McAfee (42688) - from Otautau; died, 1918.

Douglas Victor McCaw (71042) - farm cadet, Otautau; died of disease, 1918.

Daniel McKenzie (8/1786) - from Scotland and worked in Otautau; killed in action, 1916.

John Morris (45538) - Australian working at Scotts Gap; died of wounds, 1917.

Donald Muir (8/1808) - Scot working at Linton Park, Otautau; died of wounds, 1917.

Patrick O'Shaughnessy (36882) - from Ireland, worked in Otautau; killed in action, 1917.

Ernest John Pay (8/3996) - Ryal Bush cheesemaker; killed in action at the Somme.

Walter James Powell (18939) - from Scotts Gap; died of wounds, 1917.

Arthur John Scott - no information.

Eugene Tangney (8/492) - worked at Pukewao; died of pneumonia, Egypt, 1915.

Edward Richard Thomas (9/350) - Otautau contractor; killed at Gallipoli, 1915.

Andrew Hannah Ward (33046) - from Thornbury; killed at Passchendaele, 1917.

If you have a photo of one of these men, please email us. Thanks!

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Positions Available

We're looking for new people to fill vacant positions at the museum. We need a Collection Manager and a Display Manager as soon as possible. No experience necessary. Please drop us a line here to find out more.

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Poppy Wall of Remembrance

We're in the early stages of planning a poppy wall of remembrance. The idea is that either you make your own poppy or use one of ours and attach a paper on the back for whom the poppy is in remembrance. We'd then put it up on a wall in the museum for visitors to read and appreciate. We would not limit this to only WWI Otautau soldiers but anyone who served in the military whether for NZ or overseas. 

To gauge public interest, we'd like to know if this is something you might like to do. A very kind person has already knitted about 30 poppies for us to use (shown above), but we'd love to see people make their own as well - from paper, felt, fabric, yarn or found materials. Feedback is appreciated.

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Christmas Hamper

Tickets for our Christmas hamper have been selling well. You can still buy one at the 4 Square - the little red book is on the counter. The hamper is not there due to lack of space but the book is. We'll have the hamper on display at the Otautau Street Party this Friday, and you can get a ticket then. The winning ticket will be drawn under police supervision, some time before 8pm.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Otautau Groups Through the Years

The sporting clubs from the last post led to creating a list of 69 Otautau groups dating back to 1875. The Otautau Football Club seems to be the oldest, still existing group, followed by the Otautau School Committee (1879). Fraternal organisations, sport clubs, religious and community service groups soon followed. It appears that the first decade of the 20th century had the most groups start, with 15 groups formed. Skimming this long and incomplete list, it's apparent that the efforts of many throughout the years have resulted in the community we now have.

While looking through PapersPast for groups, this story popped out. In 1905, the Wallace A&P Association was born. But it seemed to have come about because of a disagreement with the Western District A&P Association which had formed in 1879. Someone suggested that the Western District annual show should alternate between Riverton and Otautau each year. This was unacceptable to Western District, and so Otautau formed its own organisation and called it the Wallace A&P Association. That's how we got the annual show.
Every group has its story, and it would be ideal if we could collect all those stories. But at the very minimum, it would be great to complete this list with beginning and ending dates for each group. If you can fill in a year or see a group that is missing, please contact us. Even if you don't have the years but want to add a group, please do!
  1. Otautau Football Club (1875-present)
  2. Western District A & P Association (1879-1913?)
  3. Otautau School Committee/Board (1879-present)
  4. Aparima Lodge Independent Order of Oddfellows, No 39 (1883- )
  5. Birchwood Hunt Club (1886-present)
  6. Otautau Racing Club (1887- ?)
  7. Otautau Cycling Club (1900?-?)
  8. Otautau Hack Racing Club (at least 1901-)
  9. Otautau Lawn Tennis Club (1902?-?)
  10. Lodge Wallace Masonic, No 129 (1903-?)
  11. Band of Hope, Presbyterian youth group (?)
  12. Young Men's Bible Class, Presbyterian youth group (?)
  13. Young Women's Bible Class, Presbyterian youth group (?)
  14. Wallace A & P Association (1905-?)
  15. Otautau Gun Club (1905-?)
  16. Otautau Cricket Club (1905-?)
  17. Otautau Brass Band (1905-?)
  18. Otautau Bowling Club (1906-present)
  19. Otautau Choral Society (1907- ?)
  20. Te Ara Rebekah Lodge IOOF, No 11 (1908-?)
  21. Pride of Wallace Tent Independent Order of Rechabites (1909-?)
  22. Hope of Wallace Tent, Juvenile Rechabites (1910?-?)
  23. Otautau Harrier and Athletic Club (1910-?)
  24. Otautau Hockey Club (1911-?)
  25. Otautau Golf Club (1912-present)
  26. Loyal Otautau Lodge Manchester Unity IOOF (1913-?)
  27. Otautau Branch Southland League (1914-?)
  28. Lady Liverpool Fund (1914?-?)
  29. Red Cross Committee (1914?-?)
  30. Otautau Swimming Club (1917-?)
  31. Fallen Soldiers Memorial Committee (1919?-?)
  32. Otautau Pipe Band (1920?-?)
  33. Otautau Croquet Club (1922-?)
  34. Loyal Orange Lodge No 109 (1924-?)
  35. Bayswater Tennis Club (1927-?)
  36. Otautau Debating Society
  37. St Andrew's Scottish Society (1919-?)
  38. St Andrew's Scouts (1927-present)
  39. Girl Guides (1927-present)
  40. Otautau Basket Ball Club (1928-?)
  41. Otautau Plunket Society (1930?-?)
  42. Women's Division of Federated Farmers (1930-1999)
  43. Otautau Returned Services Association (1946-present)
  44. Otautau Fire Brigade
  45. Otautau Marching Team
  46. Otautau Playcentre (1958-present)
  47. Otautau Jaycee (1963-1990)
  48. Lions Club of Otautau (1963-present)
  49. Otautau and Districts Historical Society (1974-1983)
  50. Otautau Pottery Club (1979- ?)
  51. Otautau Squash Rackets Club (1979-present)
  52. Order of St John (1986? -?)
  53. Otautau BMX Club (1986?-?)
  54. Otautau Combined Sports Complex (1988-present)
  55. Otautau Local History Museum (1991-2002)
  56. Otautau and District Community Charitable Trust (1994-present)
  57. Otautau Promotions Committee (?)
  58. Western Districts Country & Variety Music Club (?)
  59. Otautau Patchwork and Craft Group (?)
  60. Otautau Community Health Trust (2000?-?)
  61. Otautau Heritage Trust (2000-present)
  62. Otautau & Districts Creative Arts Trust (2000-2007?)
  63. Otautau and Districts Toy Cupboard (2003-present)
  64. Otautau Museum Trust (2003-present)
  65. Western Southland Floral Art Group (?)
  66. Otautau Senior Citizens (?)
  67. Alex McKenzie Memorial Arboretum Charitable Trust (2007-present)
  68. Otautau Community Swimming Pool (2009?-present)
  69. Otautau Friendship League (2013?-present)
Thanks again to the people at the National Library for creating PapersPast. It holds historical NZ newspapers and is invaluable for all kinds of historical research.

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