Virtual Exhibit - The Jacksons

The Works of A. W. & H. Jackson
St Albans School of Art
3 July 2016 - indefinite

The following photos of early colonists and WWI soldiers are published with the owner's permission. If you have a work of art made by these artists and want to display it here, please email us.

Unknown WWI Soldier 
If you have any information, please contact 
the Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust

Alexander Dean Thomson, Otautau contractor.
 Hand-tinted photograph by A.W. & H. Jackson (Otautau Museum)

Alan James Napier Brown, WWI soldier, Otautau, Southland, c1916
Hand-tinted photograph.

Margaret Monk nee Thomson (1838-1930) of Ireland.
Later lived at The Conway, south of Kaikoura.
She lived to be 91. Wife of Richard Monk.

Richard and Margaret Monk were early colonists who lived at The Conway, halfway between Cheviot and Kaikoura. Margaret came from Corkhill, Ireland; and Richard from Gloucestershire, England. The couple had twelve children and were married for 60 years. Richard died in 1916 so perhaps these paintings were made before his death on the occasion of the couple's Diamond wedding anniversary in 1915 (the link will take you to an article on PapersPast). This is a lovely depiction of Margaret Monk in a pastoral setting showing not only a woman of strong character but also wearing a most excellent dress!
Richard Monk (1829-1916), of England, early colonist.
Lived in later years at The Conway, south of Kaikoura

Richard Monk lived to be 87. The Marlborough Express published a lengthy life history on him in 1914. And there are also obituaries in the  Marlborough Express and the Star at his passing in Oct 1916 which are well worth reading.

A member of the Mackintosh family from Waimate?
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David Dickson, early settler of Wairio, Southland
If you have a work of art made by these artists and want to display it here, please email us.

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