Past Displays

2018 and onwards... 
Otautau Museum & Heritage Trust eHive First 50 Exhibition online :

Celebrating the Women of Otautau & Districts - currently on display

2014-2019 currently on display, 
100 Years on: 1914-1919, Remembering WWI

Otautau 101: a history primer 

Wee Ones: Baby Memorabilia from Otautau & Districts (cont'd)

Wee Ones: Baby Memorabilia from Otautau & Districts

Open for Business (cont'd)

Open for Business: Shops and Trades in Otautau

A Body of Work: cloth sculpture figurines by Hayley Lawn

Our First Peoples: Ngai Tahu in Otautau & Districts

Brides of Otautau & Beyond: Wedding Dresses of Local Women, 1930s to 1970s.
Sixteen dresses on loan from their owners are featured as well as wedding photos and personal accounts of their wedding day.

Farming and Forestry Tools of Yesteryear
A collection of old handtools contributed by the community, including a mystery tool competition - name that tool.

Isla Bank: People. Passion. Pedigree
Maps, photos, newsclippings and ephemera highlight the people of the Isla Bank District. Includes a handmade violin from a member of the String Band.

Lace: a demonstration and display with Janet Macrae
This one-day event featured lacemaking with Otautau local, Janet Macrae, and her extensive collection of handmade and machine-made lace.

Scout Memorabilia
This display featured the memorabilia from Drummond and Otautau Scout Leaders.

Miss Donnan & Miss Shaw
These two ladies grew up and lived their entire lives in Otautau. One became a school teacher for 40 years and the other worked for the Wallace County Council. Together and separately, they worked for the welfare of the community through the church, Girl Guides, and the Red Cross.

Fairfax District
The beginnings of Fairfax township including early families and first buildings

Military Memories
This is a photographic display including local men who served in the Wallace Mounted Rifles (1907), WWI, WWII, the Home Guard and Compulsory Training (1950s).

Hats and Scarves: a heady affair

The community contributed largely for this display. A good representation of women's hats from the 1950s but also an assortment of men's hats including a Turkish smoking cap and helmets from the fire brigade. Plus a dappling of handmade scarves.

Student Art Work
Otautau students’ impressions of the Southland Museum, and other fabulous paintings, drawings, and photographs from our talented young people. ("Penguin on the Sand" by Jake DeClifford)

Local Transport

Transportation in Otautau—from horse-drawn gigs to big rigs. But driving wasn’t for men only.

Bayswater and Gladfield: the history of farming settlement
Many of the families who settled the Bayswater and Gladfield areas are featured in this display.

Junk Drawer Art and Mobiles
This was another mini-display contributed from the Otautau Primary School. Junk Drawer Art demonstrated that even the most ordinary objects, when dressed up a little, can look like works of art. The mobiles were colourful representations of each student introducing themselves. We look forward to more displays from the students

The Otautau Floods
This was a mini-display to highlight the 25th anniversary of the 1984 floods that so thoroughly permeated Otautau. Hundreds of residents were evacuated. The display also featured flood photos from the 1913, 1935, 1948 as well as 1984. Pictured is the Otautau Stream in flood, the bridge and the war memorial in the distance, 1948.

Holt Park
This was a very ambitious exhibition seeking to highlight all the many events and activities at our wonderful recreation ground, Holt Park. Of special note were trophies, ribbons and photos from the Wallace A&P Show and photos from the Labour Day Sports events. These major events drew crowds in the hundreds and thousands. Pictured is a travelling circus setting up in the 1970s.

Sea Shells
This was a mini-display of Betty Barkman's private collection of sea shells. Some good-sized seahorses and starfish were among the colourful crustaceans.

Aparima - Five Peaks
The Aparima exhibition brought in many photos of the early settlement and a very close-knit, farming community. This photo is the first decade class of the Aparima School at the 1957 school jubilee - 60th anniversary.

Things Mother Made or Wore
This exhibition brought together some interesting articles. As usual, our community contributed greatly to the display. We had a unique collection of hats, pins, broches, bloomers, furs, purses, dresses, and various crochet and lace creations (handkerchiefs, placemats, and table covers).

Military Memories
The Military Memories exhibition pulled together memorabilia from the community such as uniforms, portraits, field gear, and historic photos.

Pulling Strings - Aprons of Yesteryear
This fine white apron was owned by Miss Ina Shaw, a life-long resident of Otautau and employee of the Wallace County Council. It was given to the museum along with several other textiles from the early 1900s. The Pulling Strings exhibition included handmade aprons, some even created from sugar sacks, featuring elegant lace and embroidery.

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