Sunday, 7 February 2010

Otautau Junior Football Team

One of our newest collection items is an image of the 1920 Otautau Junior Football Team, winners of the Western District Premiership. They are shown with the trophy, the banner and the team's baby doll.
Back row: J. Seatter (Manager), G. Fraser, A. Bulman, C. Clarke, T. O'Rourke, T. Aitken, T. Sheedy, W. Gaitts, G. Swap, M. Richards (Coach).
Middle row: C. Ross, A. Matheson, E. Crawford (Captain), A. McDonald, A. Coulter.
Front row: D. Bulman, H. McIvor.
Absent: E. Fisher, A. Fisher, R. McIvor, A. McLean.
The photo was loaned to the museum for scanning by the son of one of the players. We're most grateful that he thought of us as we didn't already have this one, so it is new to us.
If you know the story behind the doll or the team's success at the premiership, drop us a line.
If you have old photos relating to Otautau, Scotts Gap, Aparima, or Fairfax that you would like to loan for scanning, please get in touch.
And if you have done your family tree, and it relates to these same areas, please be sure to contact us. We welcome family history / whakapapa information.
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