Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Museum AGM

Last night a few changes took place at our Annual General Meeting and regular meeting. After four years of service, our chairperson, Muriel Brown, who has been the heart and soul of the museum, has retired from her position, though will stay on as a trustee. John McAlister resigned as a trustee after his two-year term. We'll miss John but he said if we ever needed him, he'd help out. And two new trustees, Pam Booth and Isabel Dahlenburg, came on board. We are delighted to have them.

After the AGM, new officers were elected:
John Low, Chairperson
Cindy Bragg, Secretary/Treasurer
Graham Barkman, Publicity/Exhibition Manager
Pam Booth, Roster Manager
Cathy Onellion, Collection Manager

After the election of officers, we got on to the deep and meaningful business of museum management.

Pictured top left: Cindy Bragg and John Low

Pictured bottom right: Muriel Brown, Pam Booth, Mervyn Officer, Graham Barkman, Isabel Dahlenburg, and Peter Campbell.

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