Thursday, 26 August 2010

Fairfax District Display

This lovely ballet costume is among several that were contributed from the public for our Fairfax Display.

It was a 'special' ballet put on in Fairfax several decades ago as a fundraiser. On the right is one of the 'dancers' wearing his costume.

This was not the only time that men went in drag for a good cause. We also have photos of a debutante ball held at the Fairfax Hall many years ago. The dresses were so fine and elegant, and the makeup so good, I didn't guess they were men.

But what a great idea for a fundraiser today? For some reason people will always pay good money to see men in drag.

Fairfax also had a cricket team which used to play on the flat, and we were fortunate to be able to borrow this special trophy - a pipe - which was given to F Parkes for the 1937-38 cricket season.

It's the McPherson Trophy. The engraving on the right shows: McPherson Trophy, F Parkes, FCC (Fairfax Cricket Club), 1937-38. But we don't know anything else about the McPherson competition. Was there a cup? Did all the players get a pipe? If you have any information, please contact us. We'd like to know more.

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