Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Street Fair - II

The Christmas Street Fair was great fun. The weather held up - no rain - thank goodness. And a nice crowd came to enjoy the event.

We were selling a variety of things - lots of books which Jan Lowrey (Otautau Heritage Trust) helped with, home baking, and a Christmas cake raffle. We had about 70 people buy tickets for the Christmas cake but of course there was only one lucky winner.

Here's our table. The space was graciously granted by the Salvation Army shopkeepers. We had a prime location in front of their furniture store.

This year, one of our newest offerings was candy floss and balloons. Kids loved it. They got to watch the candy floss being made. Here's Cindy and Margaret preparing to whip up another batch.

Another new thing we tried this year was a chocolate wheel. Buy a ticket, hopefully win a prize. This is Peter Gutsell doin' the hard sell. He and Peter Campbell (left) sold loads of tickets for the chocolate wheel. Lots of great prizes were won.

Thanks to everyone who gave their support to the Otautau Museum. This was a great event, and we'll see you all at the Ford Day next year.

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