Friday, 3 February 2012

'Brides of Otautau' Preparations

Mrs Muriel Brown and Mrs Pamela Booth preparing a dress on a mannequin.
We've had a busy week as nearly all of the wedding dresses have come in for the tentatively-titled 'Brides of Otautau & Beyond' display. These beautiful gowns are on loan from women in our community. The dresses date from 1934 to 1973 and show a range of styles. In addition to the wedding dress, the women loaned a wedding photo and told a little bit about their wedding day. There will be about 15 dresses on display. We'd have liked to have more dresses but space is very limited.

One thing we've had to think about is whether to iron or steam a dress that has wrinkles. We asked around museum professionals, and the consensus is to leave 'as is'. Ironing can stretch historic material, and steaming can set in stains. So if you see a dress or two with wrinkles, you'll know why we've left it that way.

This is the importance of boxing up clothing properly, because even if a dress is wrinkled, if it's boxed properly, the wrinkles can relax while in storage. We'll have more information about how to box clothing over the next three months as the display gets going.

We hope to have the display ready in time for the Three Churches Flower and Quilt Walk which is happening on Saturday the 11th in Otautau. The display will run until 29 April 2012.

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