Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Final Days of Dresses

The wedding dress display is in its final days this month and will close on Sunday, 29 April. We've rotated the dresses so each has been on a mannequin for its best presentation.

We've really enjoyed this exhibition and hope you have too. Our thanks go out to the generous women in the community who didn't hesitate to say yes when we asked them for their wedding dresses. Maybe in a few years, we'll do it all again but bigger and better.

The dress pictured is the oldest and most unique of all the dresses in our display. It is made of a very sheer fabric - unlike the others which are either satin or white crepe. It's sleeveless and has a ruffled jacket. It was bought from H & J Smith's for the wedding of Nellie Shaw, Rose Drain's mother, in 1934 which makes it 78 years old.

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