Monday, 30 April 2012

A Peak at the Comments

At the beginning of the bridal display, it was suggested that we make a comment box and have people choose a favourite dress or leave a comment. Here is a peak at the 41 comments left in the box.

General Comments
"All lovely."
"Another idea for an exhibition would be to have bridesmaid dresses. Perhaps even extended to 1990s."
"Like all of them! Really interesting, the different styles."
"Absolutely gorgeous exhibition."
"Great display and wonderful to read the backgrounds."
"Excellent display."
"Should have bridesmaid dresses next time."
"Fabulous display. Know all the brides except one."
"Actually, all are beautiful."

Comments About a Specific Dress
Audrey Campbell - "Beautiful," "Loved all the lace,"!!!Amazing!!!" "Beautiful dress, flattering style." "I like Miss Watt's dress best and Miss Campbell who is my nana. I love both dress best."

Jean Watt - "I loved the 1930s dresses and materials. Overall, Jean Watt is the favourite. "I'd happily wear it now." "Loved Jean Watt's dress - that could be worn in 2012!!" "Beautifully made." "Lovely, cool."

Nellie Shaw - "I like the work and the age." "So feminine. I also loved her head dress and flowers." "A beautiful gown."

Heather Guise - "Very beautiful, lovely lace."

Judith Gimblett - "Simple but with draping of fabric addes interest."

Peggy Manson - "Beautiful embroidery."

Catherine Beck - "Plain but nice, not too much going on."

Thanks everyone for leaving comments!

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