Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Brownies, Cards and Cake

Today the Brownies paid a surprise visit to see our cloth figurine display. It was great to see them marvel at all of the characters. Afterwards, they drew backgrounds for the figurines, wrote stories and gave the figurines names. Lots of colourful pictures are the result! Thanks to the Leaders for bringing them along and to the Girl Guides/Brownies for adding their artwork to our display.

We have created a line of greeting cards as mementos of the figurine display. Only $5 for small cards; $7 for large. The display closes 19 December so get in soon.

It's time for our annual Christmas Cake Raffle. The cake arrived today and looks fabulous. It has Merry Christmas in gold lettering. Tickets are $2 so come by and get in the draw to win this delectable dessert for Christmas.
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