Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Our latest behind the scenes project is that we're going to get new shelving for our storage room. We got a generous grant from the Southland Regional Heritage Committee for steel shelving. We've ordered it from Dexion and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. Our current shelves are wooden and not very deep. They were from the time when the courtroom was used as the public library before the library moved to the SDC office. So the old shelves were really meant for books and are only about that wide. But we've got bigger objects to store and so these shelves are being replaced.

We've removed everything from those shelves and have some of it on display in the first room as you walk into the museum. There are old tools, work boots, household goods like clothing irons and roller skates. Have a gander if you are interested.

Will post pics as we get them.

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