Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Family History - Clark

We've had a recent enquiry about the Clark family. This line starts with Thomas and Catherine (nee Pattison) Clark who came out from Scotland in the early 1860s and married in 1865 in Riverton. They settled in Isla Bank and then moved to Heddon Bush, retiring in Winton c. 1912. They had five children. David married Rhoda Parry in 1894 and settled in Otautau; and his sister, Margaret married James Ryan in 1890 and settled in Bayswater.

David Clark was a Councillor on the Wallace County Council and had a successful Clydesdale breeding business. His best known horse was Tam O'Shanter.

It is our understanding that there was a Clark family reunion in 1991 in Isla Bank. Does anyone have any information on this family reunion and/or have relevant photographs? If so, please contact us via email - thanks!

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