Monday, 2 June 2014


The annual general meeting is on Tuesday, 10 June, 7:30pm. We've been fortunate to have had Jim Carson as our Wednesday person keeping the museum open. He's a very gregarious sort who loves reminiscing with people. He's lived all around the place but made a special effort to get to know Otautau's history when he moved here last year. He's indicated that he will be moving to Dunedin, so we are looking for someone who might like to take his place. If not, we may have to close on Wednesdays.

Spare time and want to lend a hand? How about helping with displays, collection, roster or publicity? Your time and talents would be most welcome.

World War I
We recently got a temporary loan of items from the Otautau RSA for our military display. If you have anything of interest from World War I that you'd like to share with the public, please let us know. We are working in partnership with the RSA on a World War I project, and that has been very interesting and rewarding. More later on World War I.

We're sharing photos from our collection on the Otautau Facebook page. Stop by and have a look! Lots of comments and interaction happening there. It's been great seeing how big the audience is. There are almost as many people on the Otautau Facebook page as who live in Otautau itself - 581 likes vs 672 population. It's been interesting to see what people remember when they see a photograph and how different life was in Otautau only a few decades ago. Best of all, people are sharing their own photographs and even a video.

Book Sale
Our annual book sale fundraiser is coming up in July on the 19th and 20th, 10am to 4pm. Do be sure to donate your books to the SDC office during working hours or the museum on Sundays. Thanks, Everyone, for your support throughout the years.

We're open Wednesdays and Sundays, 2pm-4pm, and by request. Your comments are always welcome!

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