Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Memories of Service

Our Memories of Service: Otautau RSA Memorabilia display is open. It's a small one-room display that highlights the RSA's work over the years.

The Otautau RSA began in 1919 to help returned soldiers get a fair deal when they came back to civilian life. Land, loans, ongoing medical care and benefits for children were among the many things they'd hoped to lobby for as part of a united group of soldiers across the nation.

Through the years, they've supported their members and families through thick and thin. Every year, they produce the dawn Anzac ceremony which is always well-attended. As the Gallipoli centenary nears, they are busy making plans.

The centennial of the beginning of WWI is next month, and we are working on a display from an Otautau perspective. Don't know if we'll make the deadline but will try!

We're open Sundays, 2pm-4pm, and by request. Your comments are always welcome!

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