Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Three for the Price of One

Instead of the usual one big display at the museum, we have three small displays going at the moment. There's the Otautau RSA display in the first room which has been up for a few weeks.

Then, local designer/businesswoman, Thelma Froude, has just installed six of her latest fashion designs. These beautiful outfits had a good showing at the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards, all being accepted for the catwalk.

And in the courtroom, we are steadily putting together a 'Men of the Monument' display. This is a biographical display that touches on their lives here and at war. This display will also encompass other interesting aspects of WWI and Otautau and District's part in it.

Three displays for the price of one -- and as always our price is free.

We're open Sundays, 2pm-4pm, and at your request. Your comments are always welcome!

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