Sunday, 29 November 2015

Good Works of the Past

Like most rural communities, Otautau appears quiet on the surface. But in the background, good works are being done. This seems to be the case historically when the Belgians needed help from the ravages of World War I.

This little snippet (Otautau Standard, 22 Jan 1918) shows a bit of thanks for good works rendered during the years of the Great War. A postcard was sent from Belgium's Minister of the Interior to Mrs A. V. King, President of the Lady of Liverpool League, Otautau Branch.

It would be hard to sum up how many socks, scarves, hats and the like were made by Otautau hands to ease the Belgians' pain of losing everything to the war. Or, how many pounds and shillings were collected from individuals and fundraisers such as the Flower Show to help pay for aid. Or, how many parcels sent with homemade foods and clothing were sent to the soldiers to make life easier in what was basically a man-made hell. But these good works made a difference to a lot of lives. And though the real postcard probably doesn't exist any more, this little snippet is a testament the good works of the generations before us.

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