Friday, 9 September 2016

Women of the Otautau WDFF

Were you in the Women's Division of Federated Farmers?

The WDFF Otautau Branch formed during the tough economic climate of 1930. Their brief was to make life a bit easier for the farming women and children of the district. Soon came the Second World War where they provided aid to the troops overseas.

In 1956, they celebrated the Southland centennial by creating an embroidered tablecloth honouring their own members. This year is the 60th anniversary of this unique piece of women's history. There are 91 names embroidered on it in very simple letters. We hope you will help us identify who they are.

Affleck, R
Allan, A
Allan, M
Allan, V
Anderson, O
Ashley, S
Ayson, E
Ayson, E M
Baird, C
Baird, R
Barnett, J
Baxter, M
Beck, J
Beck, M
Braxton, H
Brown, B
Brown, M
Brown, M J
Burnett, J
Campbell, M
Carran, H
Chisholm, C
Clayton, R
Coats, K
Collie, E
Collie, F
Collie, M
Coster, A
Coulter, E
Coulter, R
Dahlenburg, M
Donnan, M
Duncan, L
Fisher, H
Flett, A
Flett, M
Flett, M J
Gough, I
Gould, E
Grant, C
Grant, W
Gutschlag, M
Hamlin, M
Hedley, M
Hogg, O
Humphries, A
Irwin, R
Kennedy, J
Kennedy, N
Laurie, J
Lindsay, A
Lindsay, A L
Low, C
Mackay, A
Mackie, M
Maley, E
Manson, M
McBryde, M
McKenzie, S
McPhee, K
McWhirter, P
Millar, D
Mitchell, M
Mudge, M
Muir, I
O’Driscoll, M
Paterson, A
Richardson, A
Robson, G
Ryan, G
Ryan, M F
Ryan, M S
Shaw, C
Skeggs, O
Smart, J
Smellie, I
Smellie, M
Smith, G
Smith, M
Smyth, M
Smyth, S
Sproat, J
Swap, M
Taylor, C
Thomas, F
Trotter, K
Walker, D
Walker, F
Wesney, L
Wright, G
Young, V

The Otautau Branch closed in 1980 and since then we have been given a few remnants of their work. The tablecloth has been in protective storage for well over 10 years - far too long! Our new Collection Manager, Suzie Best, plans to feature it in the 'Celebrating Women' display which is coming up in October.

If you know the names of these women or have any photos that you'd like to share, please get in touch with Suzie: ph 225-8286, cell 027-211-4675 or by email.

We're open Sundays, 2pm-4pm and by request.

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