Friday, 14 October 2016

WDFF Names

WDFF emblem on the Otautau branch centennial tablecloth
They say that this tablecloth never missed a meeting! So it is fitting that it is a part of the Celebrating Women display that is coming up soon at the museum. And more importantly, it deserves to have its 92 members' names written in full.

The members' names stitched around the edges only had the first initial and surname so we are trying to fill in the first names! We have about 90% so far. We've asked local people who were a great help. We've consulted the electoral rolls of 1949, 1954 and 1957 to fill in the blanks, and that was a very great help. Only about 10 more women to go. Here is who we are trying to pin down:

Allan, V - someone suggested Vivien  but no one with V first or middle name in the electoral rolls for 1949, 1954 or 1957
Beck, J - someone suggested Janet or Jeannie? Which one? Jeannie lived in Aparima. Janet lived in Wairio.
Beck, M - the 1949 electoral roll has a Mary Jane Beck, Otautau, widow but is this her? No M Beck in later rolls.
Brown, Betty (Elizabeth?) - no B Brown in 1949, 1954, or 1957 electoral rolls
Collie, E - there are two E's - Elizabeth White Collie at The Ridges, Otautau; and Elizabeth Jane Collie, Otautau 
Dahlenburg, Molly (or Margaret?) - two M's - Margaret Ann Dahlenburg, Main St, Otautau, married; or Margaret Mary Dahlenburg, Waikouro, Otautau, married.
Kennedy, J - someone suggested Jean, but there are only Janes in the electoral roll: Jane Kennedy, Knutsford Rd, Otautau, domestic; and Jane White Kennedy, Mary St, Otautau, widow.
Millar, D - someone suggested Dorothy  but could be Doris Mary Millar, Mary St, Otautau, married; or Dorothy Marie Millar, Aparima, Otautau, married.
Mudge, M - surname not in the electoral rolls for 1949, 1954, or 1957
Smellie, M - someone suggested Marion - but which is her? Marjorie Ellen Smellie, Merrivale Rd, Otautau, married, (ER 1957); or Esma May Smellie, Otautau, married 
But we what we'd really like is to find the minutes for the 1950s of the WDFF Otautau Branch. If you know of someone who has them, please get in touch! Time is running out!


Note: We're open Sundays, 2pm-4pm and by request.

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