Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Students Visit

Today, twenty-three students from Isla Bank School made a special visit to the museum to view the Isla Bank display. They came in three groups of 7 or 8 accompanied by "Mrs T".

Peter Campbell, our display manager, welcomed them to the museum and gave an introduction to what they were about to see. There are four different display rooms in the courthouse, covering the Church, Anzac Memorial and the Cemetery; the School; Contractors and Farmers; and People in the News.

Working in pairs, they hunted for answers to questions about the display. Different sets of questions were geared toward different age groups. These were created by the Isla Bank principal, Clare Robinson.

I think the students were surprised to hear that the Isla Bank School started long before the Otautau School and that there was even a world's record made at Isla Bank.

For those who finished early, I talked a little about the courthouse, how old it is, where the judge would sit, and what the witness stand was for. They seemed to soak it up, enacting their own little dramas and sending each other to jail. It made me think the courtroom is a prime venue to hold a children's courtroom play.

We really enjoyed having the Isla Bank students and hope that they will visit again soon.

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