Friday, 19 April 2013

Oral History Workshops

The Essentials of Oral History Research is a two-day workshop coming up 4 May and 8 June, followed by Abstracting Oral History on 29 & 30 June. Both are sponsored by the Alexander Turnbull Library and taught by oral historians, Helen Frizzell and Judith Fyfe respectively. Here is a pdf on the workshops.

Collecting oral histories from Otautau & Districts identities has long been a goal here at the museum. If you'd like to receive top-notch training and do some oral histories for us, please contact us. Funding is available from the Jack Ilott Oral History Education Operating Fund which is administered by the Alexander Turnbull Library Endowment Trust.

We have the equipment - which just need people trained to conduct the interviews.

We're open Wednesdays and Sundays, 2pm-4pm, and by request. Your comments are always welcome!

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