Friday, 3 May 2013

Otautau Senior Rugby, 1974

One of our recent acquisitions is this photo of the Otautau Senior Rugby Team, 1974. This was passed on to us by someone in the Winton Genealogy Group who happened to come across it. It's so great when people give us stuff relevant to Otautau & Districts. We really appreciate it, and it helps our collection grow.
Recognise anyone?

Names on the photo
Back row: J. W. Cribb, D. S. Collie
Third row: T. S. McKenzie, W. Gray, H. K. Clark, G. R. Newton, J. C. McDougall, J. L. Ballam, M. Huira.
Second row: N. A. James (Player-Coach), B. R. Hearsey, E. R. Thomson, D. A. Clark, G. W. Manning, K. D. Taylor, A. N. Stalker, J. M. Cullen (President).
Front row: B. J. King, N. D. Cameron, I. D. McKenzie, K. J. McRae (Captain), G. D. McKenzie (Vice Captain), W. F. Collie, V. K. Melsom.
Absent: L. Barnes.

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